When you own a tablet such as the iPad or Kindle Fire, you are well aware of how fragile the large outer glass touch screen can be. Simple drops or falls can cause cracks all across your screen making viewability and usability difficult, if not impossible. But there is no need to panic, DIY Mobile Repair is offering brand new, high quality touch screen replacements for many of the most populat tablets including the new iPad 3, iPad 2, the original iPad, and the Amazon Kindle Fire. There is no need to replace your full tablet in the case of simple spider-web cracks on your screen, simply replace the damaged part and save hundreds of dollars!

Normally when your glass touch screen is damaged or not functioning on your tablet or iPad you are forced to either replace the full device or suffer with the damages. We offer another, more affordable solution! Order a brand new replacement touch screen digitizer for your damaged tablet and replace the screen yourself! By ordering our Do-it-Yourself tablet touch screen digitizer repair kits you will receive all the recommened tools to safely and effectivly replace your tablet's outer glass! There is no need to throw out your tablet when repairing is a much more affordable option to get your iPad, Kindle Fire, or other tablet looking and working like new again with our touch screen repair kits!


There are many advantages of purcahasing your replacement tablet touch screen from DIY Mobile Repair. We fully back up our products by offering a 30-Day Satisfaction Guarentee on your replacement tablet glass touch screen. We also provide very attractive shipping times with a 24 hour processing and shipping direct from the USA. There is no need to purchase a low quality touch screen replacement from a supplier half-way across the world and wait weeks when you can order drirect from DIY Mobile Repair and get the highest quality replacement tablet touch screens at a competitive price!