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These brand new Plastic Pry Tool Sets include 2 (two) plastic safe open pry tools (1 Big, 1 Small). Using a plastic pry tool is highly suggested with nearly all DIY smartphone or tablet repairs. Because these pry tools are made out of plastic this makes them a safe choice for performing DIY screen repairs as they will not scratch or further damage sensitive or fragile internal components such as the glass touch screen, motherboard, or external housing. Plastic pry tools aid in removing outer glass touch screen digitizers, releasing pop connectors / jaw-bone connectors, as well as removing delicate internal components and internal housing.

To the inexperienced it is highly recommended to attempt to use these plastic safe open pry tools during your repair before resorting to a Metal Pry Tool or even a Small Flathead Screwdriver. Although metal pry tools may be necessary in some cases, it is always recommended to use plastic pry tools to decrease the risk of further damage to your smartphone or tablet.

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