When the LCD display becomes damaged on your Motorola smartphone we all know the frustration it can cause. That is why at DIY Mobile Repair we do our best to relieve that stress by offering brand new Motorola LCD screen replacements for the most popular Motorola models. If your Motorola Droid, Atrix, or other popular model is having inner display issues such as inky black spots, discoloration, dead pixels, LCD bleeding, or vertical / horizontal lines then purchasing one of our brand new replacement LCD screens is a great way to save you hundreds of dollars over purchasing a new device.

If you would like to repair your Motorola's non-functional LCD display screen yourself, we would highly suggest using one of our full DIY Motorola LCD screen repair kits. These repair kits include everything you need for your specific model of Motorola to safely and effectively replace your LCD screen. Avoid the frustration of not having the correct tool for your Motorola LCD screen repair by selecting a full LCD screen repair kit below!


DIY Mobile Repair prides itself in offering only the very best replacement LCD screens for all the popular Motorola models. We are also constantly expanding our catalog of replacement screens and repair parts for today's most popular Motorola devices. We also provide many other advantages by offering 24-hour shipping and processing and secure shipping to insure your Motorola LCD screen will arrive in a safe and timely manner! We stock and ship all of our replacement screens and repair parts direct to you from the USA.