Metal Pry Tool

Metal Pry Tool For Tablet & Smartphone Repair


The Metal Pry Tool is a very useful repair tool when needing to pry open stubborn touch screens on tablets such as the Kindle Fire and other electronic devices. The metal pry tool can provide the proper amount of leverage and strength when needed to crack open a large glass touch screen digitizer or housing. Using a metal pry tool to perform a iPad screen repair is almost always necessary to remove the iPad front glass touch screen from the rest of the device.

You can also use this metal pry tool to pry open a touch screen digitizer or touch screen assembly on any device, although for the inexperienced, it may not be as suggested as using a plastic pry tool. Nonetheless the metal pry tool is a strong and sturdy repair tool that can be used for many types of repairs and can be very beneficial in some cases when a plastic pry tool is not fit for the job.

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