The LCD screen on your smartphone or tablet is a vital piece of hardware, it provides the inner display image which shines through the glass touch screen. If your LCD screen on your HTC, iPad, iPhone, iPod, Motorola, or other tablet has been damaged, then you can find brand new replacement LCD displays here at DIY Mobile Repair. We offer nothing but the highest quality LCD display screens for all popular smartphones and tablets. If your inner LCD screen has become damaged and is now displaying black inky spots, discoloration, vertical / horizontal lines across the display, dead pixels, or any other common display issues you can get your LCD screen repaired for a fraction of the cost of a new device!

Our goal at DIY Mobile Repair is to offer the best DIY solution for fixing your damaged LCD display. We have achieved this by offering all of our LCD screen replacements with Do-it-Yourself screen repair kits. Our screen repair kits are available for many popular brands and models, all of which are listed below! To begin your inner display screen replacement repair, select your brand below and find the replacement screen that fits your needs!