Is your iPod Touch or iPod Nano's display not working properly? Does your iPod Touch 4G or Nano 6G have inky black spots, dead pixels, LCD bleeding, vertical / horizontal lines, or discoloration? These common display issues can cause major issues with the usability of your iPod. Did you know you can replace the LCD display screen yourself on your iPod Touch or iPod Nano? You can potentially save hundreds of dollars over purchasing a new iPod! No matter if you have a iPod Touch 2G, 3G, or 4G, or even a iPod Nano 6G you can replace the LCD display and get your iPod working like new again!

You may see other online iPod replacement parts retailers that will try to sell you iPod Touch 4G or iPod Nano 6G LCD and Touch screens separately. But use extreme caution, these particular iPod models have the outer touch screen digitizer and LCD screen display fused together, making it difficult, if not nearly impossible to separate the two screens safely or without causing further screen damage. We only provide iPod screen replacements that can easily be swapped out without running into these safety issues. We also provide full Do-it-Yourself iPod LCD screen replacement kits. These LCD screen repair kits will include the replacement LCD screen for your iPod generation as well as all of the recommended repair tools necessary to safely and effectively repair your iPod LCD screen.


Don't settle for cheap, low quality screen replacements that can take weeks to arrive. Purchase your replacement parts and repair tools today and get on your way to restoring your broken iPod Touch or iPod Nano back to new working condition again.