You probably just dropped and broke your iPhone's glass touch screen and you ask yourself what do I do now? You can save yourself hundreds of dollars by repairing your iPhone screen yourself with high quality iPhone screen replacements from DIY Mobile Repair! We provide only the highest quality touch screen & LCD screen assemblies for the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4, as well as glass touch screen digitizer replacements for the earlier iPhone 3GS / 3G.

While replacing the screen on your iPhone 4S or iPhone 4 with our full screen assembly replacements you will see thats they come with a pre-fused touch screen digitizer and LCD screen display to make your Do-it-Yourself iPhone 4S / 4G screen repair much easier and more importantly safer. Don't fall victim to other companies that will try to lure you with an iPhone 4/4S front glass touch screen replacement itself, as it can be nearly impossible to separate the LCD screen and existing glass touch screen during your repair safely without causing damage to your LCD.


You may have noticed we also provide iPhone touch screen repair kits. Our iPhone touch screen digitizer repair kits come complete with the all the recommended repair tools and replacement parts you'll need to have a safe and effective DIY iPhone screen repair. These Do-it-Yourself iPhone touch screen repair kits are a safe bet when wanting to repair your damaged or cracked iPhone screen yourself with the confidence of know you will have exactly what you need for a proper iPhone touch screen repair.