No matter your thoughts on ESD (Electrostatic Discharge), DIY Mobile Repair likes to stay on the safe side of repairs for your cell phones and tablets. By using ESD safe tools and equipment you can be sure you will not cause any static damage on your mobile device. ESD damage is difficult damage to diagnose as it is normally not immediate damage. Sensitive sections of the motherboard can be damaged by static, causing areas to become weakened and non-functional over time. Using ESD safe tools is a precaution we choose to take and offer to our customers to insure the safest possible repair on your tablet and smartphones!

By offering ESD safe tools such as wrist bands, nylon spudger tools, ESD mats you can be sure that every precaution is taken when repairing your mobile devices! Whether you are replacing a cracked or shattered touch screen digitizer or a LCD screen with dead pixels, doing your repair with ESD safety in mind can save the longterm circuitry and functionality of your device.


Better safe than sorry will always extend to cellphone and tablet repairs. Using ESD safe tools will give you that extra benefit of knowing when you repair your smartphone, tablet or any other electronic device you can dramatically reduce the risk of electro static damage to the delicate circuitry of your device. Eliminate the stress of possibly further damaging your device from electro static discharge but ordering ESD safe repair tools from DIY Mobile Repair.