Black iPod Nano 7th Gen Touch Screen Digitizer Replacement

Black iPod 7th Generation Digitizer Screen Replacement
  • Black iPod 7th Generation Digitizer Screen Replacement
  • Nano 7th Gen Touch Screen | Black Back

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Cracked or shattered glass touch screen on your black iPod Nano 7th Generation? Replace that damaged touch screen using our new black touch screen digitizer replacements from DIY Mobile Repair. Why spend hundreds of dollars replacing your device when you can simply replace the damaged screen and have your iPod Nano 7th Gen looking and working like new again? Our black digitizer replacements are the highest quality and can also be purchased with our available DIY tool kit to insure you have all the tools you will need to preform this repair yourself!

This iPod Nano 7th Gen Screen Replacement Fixes:

Cosmetic issues to the touch screen including cracked, shattered, or deeply scratched glass. Also will fix functionailty issues with the digitizer inlcuding dead spot or stripes in the touch screen, or non-functional touch screens.

Available as a DIY Kit.  This handy 14 Piece Tool Kit is ideal for quick repairs to your smart phone or tablet. Pry open your smartphone, lift out screens, replace batteries or just delve into your device.

Our DIY Kit Includes:  

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